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About Us | D & S Automotive - Sevierville, TN

At the wrong establishment, getting car repairs or maintenance can be very cost-prohibitive and leave you with more frustration than when you walked in. That is not how it should be. With D & S Automotive, you get hassle-free vehicle maintenance services from excellent mechanics, all at affordable rates! No competitor in the Sevierville, TN area places greater emphasis on your satisfaction and convenience.

We are an auto repair shop that specializes in personal service, and we work with you to perform top-notch transmission repair, provide brake repair or replacement, and tune up your vehicle. In addition to working with all standard vehicle models, we also repair RV’s, so that you can continue to go on fun road trips and create cherished family memories!

D & S Automotive sets the standard in vehicle care. You never have to be concerned about being without a car for a long time, because we perform all repairs and maintenance as quickly as technically possible without cutting any corners. After leaving your car with us, you receive a bill that is never too high or cryptic.

We fully adhere to a policy of complete transparency; you should be able to point to any item on a completed work order and get a full explanation of what we did and why it costs as much as it does.

We are as legitimate and customer-oriented as an automotive care establishment can get, as we understand that this is a people business, and we strive to foster long-standing business relationships with all of our clients. Call D & S Automotive for vehicle service in the Sevierville, TN area today!

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